I couldn't find a separate sound forum for these voice tracers. Mine is not working according to the 60-page manual that I downloaded.

This was bought specifically for recording music. According to the instructions, you press the INDEX key to get to the folder you want to record in. I can press INDEX to the A folder, B folder, C folder, and D folder, and it will record in it each folder. If I press INDEX to go to the MUSIC folder and press record, it automatically starts recording in the A folder.

There are no instructions for setting the various microphone and quality settings for music, only voice as in conversation.

The .WAV file created is very, very poor... recording music from a Kurzweil Mark 10. The sound quality of the Kurzweil is excellent.

Do I need to purchase an external microphone?

How do I get it to actually record in the MUSIC file provided?

And yes, I am recording on the memory disk inserted into the machine.