Character encoding problem had been properly worked out in PC industry when Unicode eventually arrived and had been adopted in major PC operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. That was like 10 years ago.

I would bet almost all advanced electronic appliances such as BDP 9600 is running a kind of Linux internally. By that I would assume Unicode support on Chinese is properly inherited from the hard work done in the Linux community. If BDP 9600 can support simplied Chinese, what makes it so difficult to support traditional chinese display?

In my local 9500 and 9600 forums, I'm hearing angry customers complaining about 9500 not supporting traditional chinese properly even on the Menu UI itself! (that's ridiculous given that the product is market'ed to be with support of traditional chinese menu!)

Now back to the support of chinese subtitles files such MKV / *.SRT, why can't traditional chinese be supported properly? I meant I'm not even talking about missing characters. But for all the common encoding of traditional chinese that I throw at my 9600, it just refuse to recognize the encoding. The character encoding I tried: Big-5, UTF8-Little Endian, UTF8-Big Endian, UTF8-Byte Order Mark. Nothing worked for traditional chinese!

Philips, can you support traditional chinese properly in your next firmware release, please?