Hi, I want to view a blu-ray movie on my Philips HD TV, using the built-in network client.
I downloaded & installed the free "Phlips Media Magager" (V3.3.12.0004) SW on my PC, and indeed my TV recognizes this server, and I can play movies across the network. However this media manager doesn't recognizes a blu-ray movie I downloaded. This movie comes as a set of directories, with \BDMV in the root.
I also tried "TotalMedia Theatre 6". This media manager can play my \BDMV blu-ray movie, however my Philips TV does not find this media server.

So, the question is: what media server application does Philips TV support, that can play my bdmv Blu-Ray movies? Or, how else could I view this bdmv blu-ray movie on my TV?