flickers on HDMI input, flickering horizontal bars on component input
It would be very difficult to take a photo of the strobe effect I'm experiencing. However I do have a multitude of videos I can post if you'd like. On HDMI inputs and Component inputs. I have gotten a new board installed that holds all the inputs. There is one other board that I suppose could be replaced then the screen. My firmware is the most up to date. Another repair guy is going to come out this week.
The tv is around 3 years old and I have a warranty covering it but it's about to run out so I really need to get this fixed or replaced with something else. the problem has grown over the 8 months I'd say without my noticing or thinking it was the tv at first. My tv is not connected to the internet. Anyone with similar issues I'd love to hear if you've solved it. I've just tried turning off active control and we'll see if that does anything.
thanks all