I purchased a Philips 42PFL5008 from amazon. I received it today, then promptly had it back in its box to return for full refund. What follows, is the review I have submitted on amazon for this tv.

Let me start off by saying that I am a fan of Philips TV's. I have bought them since 2002 and I have 3 of them in my house and I love them all. I especially love the "natural motion" function which removes movement judder making movement very smooth and realistic. I thought this tv had natural motion but it doesn't. I found the TV's boast of "Perfect Motion Rate" to be confusing. I thought that was some new name for natural motion but it isn't. In reading the online manual for the tv:


you will see that there is no "natural motion" mentioned anywhere in the manual. To get natural motion you have to go one model up (the 6 series).


The reason why I am posting these links is because I was chatting to Philips online support for about 20mins and they were absolutely adamant that this tv DID have natural motion. Even though I had the tv in front of me and it clearly didn't. I asked them to call me and they refused to do so, saying their phone lines were down.

I think the issue here is they should be clearer as to what "Perfect Motion Rate"(PMR) is and distinguish it from "natural motion". I also read on a website ( http://www.flatpanelshd.com/review.p...&id=1363337993 ) that the panel flicker rate of this tv is 50Hz. The next model up (6 series TV's) has 100Hz panel flicker rate and "natural motion". One could conclude from this, that a minimum panel rate of 100Hz is required to get "natural motion". Also, perhaps "Pixel Precise HD" indicates it has natural motion but "Pixel plus HD" means it doesn't? It is all very confusing to say the least.

The current 2013 batch of TV's from Philips are getting very difficult to distinguish between with regards to their functions. Even the employees of the company don't know....or rather they think they know....

My advice to Philips is simple.

1) Keep making brilliant TV's !
2) Try and be clearer with the differences between the TV's in your ad's.
3) Please state if the tv has "natural motion" or not in the spec.
4) Ensure support staff are adequately trained in the differences between the tv's

I will continue to buy Philips TV's, however I will be checking the online manual for the tv before I make the next purchase.