Hi all,

I'm the owner of 47PFL6877H/12 TV.
When I watch TV with fast movement, I can see some artefacts around the fast moving objects. I really hate it. This problem is solve when I disable the natural motion. Even switch to " minimum" will not help. I also tried to put " MPEG artefacts reduction" to max. This won't work also. Switching of the motion function is no solution, as you can imagine.
I'm using also XBMC ( best media player) to watch movies. Everything is set properly. Output is set to 24P, when watching movies. I do not use PC/ or game mode on TV. On XBMC: same problem. Really smooth playback, only the artefacts on fast moving scenes..... grrrr.... When I switch of natural motion, not problem at all, but NO SMOOTH PLAYBACK ANYMORE....
Setting motion to minimum is -as I said- not working well.

Can anyone help me out, or should I bring my TV back tot the store? There are a lot of issues about this topic on the internet.

Hope to here from you!

Kind regards.