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    Pixel precise HD engine failures...

    Hi all,

    I'm the owner of 47PFL6877H/12 TV.
    When I watch TV with fast movement, I can see some artefacts around the fast moving objects. I really hate it. This problem is solve when I disable the natural motion. Even switch to " minimum" will not help. I also tried to put " MPEG artefacts reduction" to max. This won't work also. Switching of the motion function is no solution, as you can imagine.
    I'm using also XBMC ( best media player) to watch movies. Everything is set properly. Output is set to 24P, when watching movies. I do not use PC/ or game mode on TV. On XBMC: same problem. Really smooth playback, only the artefacts on fast moving scenes..... grrrr.... When I switch of natural motion, not problem at all, but NO SMOOTH PLAYBACK ANYMORE....
    Setting motion to minimum is -as I said- not working well.

    Can anyone help me out, or should I bring my TV back tot the store? There are a lot of issues about this topic on the internet.

    Hope to here from you!

    Kind regards.

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    Halos around moving objects are inevitable consequence of the working of the motion interpolation engine. There is no TV set that don't have them and actually Philips' HDNM is the most advanced and artefact-free system on the market.

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