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    MCI500H freezing up when connected to internet


    Since a year or so I hardly used my player anymore. Somehow it had become useless, because no matter what I did, it would freeze after some time playing, regardless if I'd be listening to FM, playing a recording from HD or listening to internet radio. Only removing the power cord would allow me to start up again which of course is a time consuming thing to do. It seemed to me that the receiver somewhere developed a software bug.

    But last week, after having moved it without reattaching the com cable, I suddenly realized that it played fine on FM, actually I listened all day using the receiver. And also I could listen anytime I wanted to harddisk material.

    Only when I reattached the com cable to the player in order to tune into an internet station my troubles started all over again.

    I don't think that the internet provider (Tele2 via ADSL) has changed anything to cause this, but I do wonder what could cause this strange phenomenon.

    Problem is also that I don't dare to change anything in terms of resetting or reloading firmware because I have no idea how I can get the audio files that are now only on the HDD back into my computer. Unfortunately the original music is no longer on my PC, I would have to be able to copy the music back from the MCi500H before I do anything else with the receiver. Can anyone help me out here?
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