Just bought the HTB5150KD/98 few days back. As I have multiple media devices, I fully utilised the 2 HDMI input ports.

I realised the soundbar will remember the last option you have selected in your previous usage. So if I have used HDMI1 previously, the next bootup, the selection will default to HDMI1 (previous selection).

Then what happen is, my last selection is HDMI1, but this time I try to use HDMI2. Select that option and proceed to play. No sound was heard though I confirm the soundbar is not muted and volume is around 40 range. Switching it back to HDMI1 also cannot hear any sound.

Only solution is to powerful the soundbar and restart it again (like a reboot) and the sound will be back.

Though this happens intermittently, I like to ask if it is a known issue or any solution that I should apply to avoid it from happening again.

Thank you.