Dear all,

I observed another Bug on my TV with multiple scheduled recordings (2k11 TV, Q5553, TV55R3, 14.104, IP-EPG).

I scheduled recordings at:
  • Night from Sunday to Monday (1-3am)
  • Night from Monday to Tuesday(1-3am)
  • Night from Tuesday to Wednesday (1-3am)
  • Night from Wednesday to Thursday (1-3am)

After the first 3 nights (the nights, where still recordings are planned for the future) I observed in the morning, that the TV is still running (USB HDD was still on, Network components were on). Only the Audio and Display were off. When I pressed any key on the RC, the TV was immediately on.
=> TV was NOT in standby

However, after the last recording (no recordings are scheduled in the future), the TV went into standby correctly.
=> TV was in standby.

From my Point of view, the TV has Problems with multiple scheduled recordings and the shutdown Feature.

Did someone observed the same issue? Or maybe confirm this?