Hi there,

I got a connectivity problem on my 46PFL5605H/12 TV. It seems that the TV permanently recovers all connected devices. The period ranges from 1 minute to 10 minutes, in most cases every 5 minutes all connected devices are recovered. Each time this happens the picture goes black, the sound goes off and the "recovered" device names are on display. It looks like a reconnection.

I've made the set-up of the TV as described in the manual. The following devices are connected:

A HD receiver box (HDC 601-DER) via HDMI 1 and a DVD Player via a SCART plug.

I tried the following to fix the error:
1.) Different device configuration (with/without DVD player, but always with the HD receiver box)
2.) Switching off the Easy Link feature and all other automatic features
3.) Reset to standard without deleting the sender list
4.) Reset to delivery standard, deleting the sender list and restart of the set-up procedure
5.) Firmware update from version to the version (as of 17.01.2011)

The result was always the same, nothing changed. I read somewhere in the net that a similar error could occur when running the TV in a kind of presentation or business modus. I assured that it is running in the private or home modus.

In the meantime I updated the software to version (as of 04.03.2011) with no effect.

My dealer has no further ideas to fix this error but recommended to test the operation without the HD box to ensure that this behaviour isn't caused by the box.

This test was successful (DVD player via SCART). There was no device reconnection. So I tried to connect the HD Box via SCART. This test was successful too, but compared to the HDMI connection the picture quality was poor.

To reproduce the error I connected the HD Box (additionally) via HDMI to the TV. Surprisingly it is working in the moment. Then I dropped the SCART connection to the box and run the system via HDMI only. It still works.

The only difference to my previous attempts is that I use a different SCART cable, where two pins are missing.

I am happy that it is working in the moment. But there is still the suspect that the error reappears.

Has someone else made similar observations? Could this error caused by the SCART cable with the full pin set? Did I fix the error by random? What was the critical step?

Happy for hints.