First question.
After the installation two weeks ago of my 46PFL9707 I did see the channel icons for each TV channel. However after using CEC / ARC for a moment these icons disappeared and a standard icons shows up. What went wrong and how do I get these nice icons from the channels back (in favourites as well)?
I already used searching for channels again (new installation not renew)

Second question.
Automatic channel update is set to ON and I cannot disable this (there is no option "OUT" only "ON" and turned into grey color).
Using the remote I cannot get to this option.
Every morning I have to make my own channel favourites list again.
The channels are in random order again after 06:00 AM.
Sure using the "out" position is handy but I would like the TV in standby modus during the night.

Greetz, Dutchbarnie