Hi, Hope an expert out there can help please with my WAC 700.
I have up until now had my WAC 700 set up to connect by cable to my PC. I now wish to change that to a wired network connection via my router. I am running windows 7 and am aware it does not work with Centre set up software. I have tried using the tips given on the Philips web site after downloading the old set up software and changed the to the method that should work with Vista, and I thought Windows 7 but no luck. The set up software tries to talk to the WAC centre but then just drops out without changing the WAC settings. I have followed the instructions to the letter, I am using WAC Handler (Which see's and operate the Centre on the present cable to PC set up)
Where am I going wrong or is Windows 7 just not compatible?
Is there a non PC method of changing the settings to the WAC.
I hope this makes sense. I've been happy with the WAC 700 and despite its aging software and controls I'd like to keep it running for a while yet.