TV: 42PFL6007/12
Software: QF1EU-

The TV's standard setting for picture with "HD Natural Motion" looks absolutely terrible with lots of artifacts and ugly "soap opera" / "cheap home video cam" -effect and digital skin color. I've found several topics on this listed on the forum, so I'm sure you are aware of this.

I do love the picture style setting called "movie" though - it disables all the ugly color-gradings, and it softens the picture in a good natural way and best of all it disables HD Natural Motion.

But at least once a day when the TV has been on standby or if there has been a change of source, the setting gets "corrupted"... The color-grading gets a greyish filter and the HD Natural Motion is back (even though movie picture style is selected and HD natural Motion is off (well, the interface says it's off... but it isn't). The solution os often simple - I have to go to the settings and select picture style and then switch to another picture style and then back to movie mode... most of the time this works and the beautiful colors are back and the HD Natural Motion is off.

But it is quite an annoying bug... I shouldn't have to go to the settings menu every day and toggle between presets to get the setting I already selected.