I have a 40PFL9704 TV. It has been turning itself off or on randomly.

I say it's been happening randomly. but turning itself off usually happens in the morning, but not every day Sometimes it turns off, I turn it back on using the soft touch button on the frame, and it will then turn off several more times until it settles down and works fine for the rest of the day.

The second problem is when I turn the TV off at night, again using the power button on the TV, I have got up the next morning and the TV is on. That has happened 3 nights in a row. This has not happened during the day.

I had the turning off problem about 2 years ago, and the TV was taken away and "fixed". It has just started happening again in the last few weeks, making me suspect there is a harware problem that has now occured on whatever components were fitted 2 years ago. From what I remember I think the board to the TV control panel was changed.

With it happening first thing in the morning and during the night, my gut feeling is this is related to the temperature in the room. It's been pretty cold over the past few weeks, and we turn off the heating in the house over night. The TV software is up to date, and the last update I can find is from 2010.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem on the 40PFL9704, and if so does anyone know what the cause is?