Hello, I have 32" Phillips TV 32PFL3605H/12.

After updating to TPM51E 2.09, TV switches to standby every 4 hours if there is no input from remote without any notice on screen. This model is not supposed to have auto-standby function and there is no option to turn it off in menu. I have checked all settings and tried to reset TV to factory default settings, but nothing helps.
It's only my problem or sw bug?

Also Slovakian epg and channel names do not work with dvb-t, TV sometimes freezes at start after Phillips logo shows up, right before the programme starts, and the only help is to unplug TV from the mains. This problem occured with previous sw. They told me at the service to upgrade to the newest version as it is software problem, which only added the first mentioned problem to the freezing.

P.S. Sorry for grammatical mistakes