I'm writing to request help in obtaining Philips parts for my Swedish-made Forsell Air Reference CD transport. This is an air bearing unit built around the Philips CDM Pro 9 laser and employing the (stock) Philips decoding boards (I believe comes as pair). The Philips part # for the decoding boards I understand are European only #'s, and I will likely need support directly from Philips/Netherlands in context. The Philips part # for the decoding boards are: 3104 118 02071 (Decoding Board mk2). I have 2 Forsell transports, one is down due to this problem of failed decoding boards, and I would like to purchase 3 pairs of boards for any future potential problems in this context.

I would expect to need an email address to a digital audio parts specialist at Philips/Netherlands highly knowledgeable in Philips redbook/CD history around different generations of decoding boards associated with the Philips CDM Pro 9 laser drive.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Kevin Buss