I have to resort to this forum, because in my country (Spain) in 3 forums, in their corresponding threads have problems with the Philips TV, where I took Philips 7605.

1 - blocks on a channel that broadcast here (sixth hd) in which no television in passing, only to models 7605 and 9705

2-connection from pc to tv via hdmi, there are trails in both games with moving images, all this with both high contrast, and with vivid colors

after commenting on this issue that the majority suffer in our country, and spoke by telephone with Philips, we sent a service agent.

because in such service technician tells us that the problem of blocks in the channel is because it emits very low signal.

because it does not happen with 2 samgsung that I have?
or I have a Sony that also?

and because it happens with some 7605 models?
or some 9705 models?.

soluccionaria say that the problem with a firm prior to this, or the above, or with the latter that have been placed.

Philips is amazing how knowing the problem you have with some models of TV in Spain to ignore such a situation.

totally disappointed me

Greetings and thanks