hi i own a philips 47PFL6007D/30 tv
im trying to connect my iphone to the tv from myremote app
using the simply share i saw that my tv have the spesificition to use the app
and connect with my iphone but i cant do it
the app dosent find my tv
i try to follow the instructions on the app about the jointspace and the code i need to do that to enable it
i did it and nothing happened
and yes im connected to the same wifi network at both devices
my tv software version is T953A_2.04 i checked the philips website and its the lateset version and by the jointspace instruction i understood that my tv needs to be from 2009+ to make it work my tv is from 2012 so there is no problem there
if someone could help me understand what im doing wrong
or if theres somthing else i need to do it would be a great help
thank you