Don't Delete this post I will just repost like I just did! My name is Jesse Wilson my tv is a 1080P 120hrtz 47" TV model 47PFL5704D/F7. I would like to start off this E-mail by stating that I really hope that this reaches someone with authority, as well as someone who monitors the customer service department on quality! I have been informed that this is the only way to get in to contact with those departments. Almost every time I have called into customer service all of the customer service people that I have talked with have been disrespectful, they have given nothing but excuses about what could be wrong with my television, they have passed the buck almost every time, and the times where they didnít pass the buck it would turn into a argument about what they are doing for me and that nothing (repeat NOTHING ELSE CAN BE DONE FOR ME, THAT ALL RESOURCES HAVE BEEN STRECHED PASSED WHAT IS NORMALY DONE). I have been passed around from department to department, from customer service department to managers, from managers of customer service warranty department in Philips to another company that deals with your repairs, to managers from that company, back to Philips warranty department. So with that said here is the story of what has been going on with my repair account as well as what I have been going through so far.
On May 1st of 2010 I purchased the Philips TV for my birthday. I brought it home and turned it on, from the very first time it was turned on I noticed an issue with the picture, it just didnít look right. The T.V would have a trailing/ aura like field around the person or vehicle on the screen anytime the camera angels were moving or when there was anything moving past the screen, but if everything was still after a couple of seconds it would do a video camera like focus and from the middle of the picture out it would focus, and while the picture was still it was an amazing picture. This was happening with DVDís, Bluray's, and video games. Video games were the worst but all of them were having the same issue. I thought that it was just a setting issue on the T.V from the store and just needed to be changed to the correct setting to fix the issue. It was a T.V that was put in ďmy man caveĒ so it was not getting used very often when I purchased it, so the issue was not bothersome at the time, also with the 1 year warranty I figured that if it was not a setting issue I would get the issue fixed soon with little to no hassle (considering I have never had any issues with any Philips product that I have ever purchased). A couple of months ago I started messing with all the settings on the T.V, everything from dynamic contrast, digital natural motion, noise reduction, mpg artifact reduction, color enhancement, active control, and picture format but none of the settings were fixing the issue. I tried all sorts of different combinations and when that didnít work I changed the HDMI cords, then changed the input to component cords but still was having the same issue. I then went online and downloaded the update file for my T.V and installed it on the T.V thinking that it was a software issue, but it still did not correct the issue. I finally gave up and called the customer service warranty department to get the issue corrected. I called on January 27th, 2011 but was informed that my T.V was out of warranty and that I needed to send in a copy of the receipt with a reference number, type of television purchased, amount of purchase, date of purchase and card number that the device was purchased with. Within the hour I faxed in what was requested and called the next day to find out what needed to be done from that point or if I could speed up the process in any way. I was told that it was not received from the correct department and nothing could be done until then, but it could take anywhere to 24 to 48 hrs before they receive it. I called on Saturday again to find out that it was not in yet but I should get a call by Monday. I called on Monday to find out that it still was not in and that there would be no reason why I donít get a call sometime on Tuesday, but if I didnít to call back in by Wednesday morning to call back. I called late in the afternoon on February 2nd, 2011 and was told that they donít know why no one had called yet but they could setup an appointment for someone to come to my home and repair the T.V on February 10th, 2011 from 8am-12pm. I had to cancel a school appointment to make sure I was here for the repair Tech. The repair tech form Electra-Sound, INC. called on Thursday at 9:54am stating that he was on his way and would be at my home shortly. I received another call from the tech at 10:17am which he had stated that he did not have the part that was ordered for my television and would have to go back to the garage to pick up the part. I received another call from the repair tech at 10:51am stating that he was at my front door. When I opened the door the first thing the repair tech asked me is if I had a star screwdriver due to he didnít have his tool box or any tools with him to do the repair. I found what he needed to do his job out of my tools. After he swapped out the main board in my T.V he stated he was done; I stated that I wanted to test to see if it was corrected. It had not been corrected and was also doing something else that it was not doing before. He stated that I should just need to change the HDMI cable, and if that didnít work to change it to a High-Speed HDMI cable and that should fix the issue. I informed him that I have already changed the HDMI cable, as well as the type of connection to the T.V; also that swapping to a High-Speed HDMI cord would not do any difference. He stated that he will send in the paper work stating that the device has not been fixed and that I should get a call soon about what would need to be done from that point. I called into Philips Warranty department after the repair tech left to see if I could speed up the process in any way by faxing the sheet he left with me or anything. I was told no and that in 24 to 48 hrs they would have the form and proceed from there. I called in on Friday and was told it was not in, I called in on Saturday and was told it was not in, I called in on Monday and was told it was not in however I was told that there would be no reason that it should be in on Tuesday and that if I donít receive a call by Wednesday morning to call in again. I called back on Wednesday February 16th late in the afternoon and was told that they could set up a new appointment for a repair tech to come to my home on February the 24 between 8am-12pm and that this repair tech would have to change out a different board inside the television, I stated that would be fine. On February 23rd I received a call from Electra-Sound at 3pm stating that they had not received the part that was needed to swap out the second board in the television. I told them that I was not ok with receiving a call at 3pm the day before they are supposed to come out, after I changed my school schedule, and travel plans to be here for another repair tech to fix the T.V. I was told that nothing could be done from their side for how unhappy I was, as well as wanting it corrected and fixed like I was promised on the day I was promised! They told me that I would need to call back to the warranty company and see what they will do because Electra-Sound would only reschedule the appointment. I called into Philips warranty department and immediately asked for a supervisor; I informed the customer service rep that I didnít want to explain everything more than once and that I wanted something finally done to correct all the issues and that it just would be easier to transfer me to a supervisor. The customer service rep stated that that would be fine but would need info before he could do anything for me. From that point on the customer service rep was not listening, would not transfer me to a supervisor even after I asked over 5 times, and argued with me about what was happening with me as well as how I have been treated over the whole ordeal for over 29 mins before he finally transferred me. I informed the supervisor of everything that I have been going through as well as the notes of my account for the supervisor to tell me that the repair company has it in their hands, and that nothing can be done until 20 days of them having the repair. The supervisor stated that if I wanted to get this info to anyone with any type of authority I would need to go to the web site and email my issues in. After that day I have not hear anything or receive any calls from the Warranty Company, the Repair Company, or from any Supervisors about the new repair date, what will happen with my issues, or what will be done to correct the issues and problems that I have had to keep me as a customer. I called into Philips Warranty today February 28th and spoke the a customer service rep who I informed everything again to, who stated that he will be forwarding the info to a escalated referral department of the issue and that I should receive a call within the next 24 to 48 hrs about what actions will be taken to correct the issues. However he didnít know what is going on with the repair currently and said that once I receive a call from the referral department it would most likely be figured out from there.
The ball is back in your court to figure how to fix my television in a timely manner, how to keep me as a customer, and what to do to make me a satisfied customer to ever want to purchase another Philips product ever again. I had told your customer service department before that the way I have been treated and talked to that I would have no problem smashing the T.V or throwing it away (trying to explain how mad and upset I have been) and your customer service people have said to me (it is your T.V sir you have purchased it, if that is what you feel like doing your more than welcome to but it will void your warranty). I have never been treated or gone through so much trouble. Philips needs to get their act together, I have been mistreated, have a T.V that is broken, had a repair company that canít do their job professionally, and have been trying for over a month to get this done. What are you going to do to fix this?