I just purchased a 40PFL8606H/12. Now I want to stream from my laptop on my TV using Philips WiFi mediaconnect version 1.6.43, but this fails.

I have installed this on my laptop with XP proffesional as OS. I already allowed all inbound and outbound traffic in the Firewall program.

The laptop also shows the black pictogram that tells you the laptop has found a Philips TV in the network.

After I select "start projecting" I get the message "Coding failed. Start WiFi Mediaconnect again." (this is a direct translation from the Dutch version = "Codering mislukt. Start WiFi Mediaconnect opnieuw" so it might be different in the english version).

What should I do to get the laptop streaming on my TV using WiFi Mediaconnect??

Thanks for your reply!

Note: My android phone does work with the My remote app installed on it using simply share.