Hi there i am not able to connect a WAS6050 to Philips stremlum internet radio after factory reset. Additional i want to connect this device to a new MyPhilips account which is not possible because of the menu entry doe not comes up.

- If im trying to open a connection to MyPhilips Internet server im getting the Info:
"Internet Server not reachable" (network settings LAN and WAN (DNS and gateway) checked and ok; i may contact the WAC7500 and other Upnp servers in my Home network, my other 4 WACS7500 server and clints working without any problems; )
- If im trying to configure a new Internet user in radio-menue im getting the info "only 5 user possible" (i configured in the past only 1 ?!?)
- If im trying to remove an internet user in radio-menu im getting a blank screen and after a while im back in the main menue.