This is a pretty long story. So please bear with me.

Last year, I bought PFL8606H Smart TV from Singapore to India. I did not realize that Singapore uses NTSC-J and India uses PAL.

I used normal analog Cable TV and I didnot face any problems. The picture and sound were clear. From April 1, in India all analog signals are turned off and it is mandatory now to have digital set-top box (STB). Please note that STB doesnt support HDMI and has a PbPrY cable, which I plugged in.

I only see B&W pictures now with lot of horizontal lines and grains with unclear sound. I googled a bit on net and realized that it is format issue. I was suprised that these modern TVs are not multi-system TVs.

Now, I am exploring various options:
1. Use a convertor to convert PAL to NTSC-J
2. Go for a HD DTH STB.

I prefer the local cable operator and if there is no other option, then I will go with DTH. Did anyone face a similar issue and how was it resolved?