Bought the BDP9700 last tuesday. One word: A-MA-ZING !!
Just a question, to be sure...

In the manual it says:
"SACD only DSD-output available through HDMI-output (AV-receiver)"

I think this means you cannot get surround sound from a SACD disk to the surround analog RCA connections, right? That's oké for me, I just need analog RCA stereo. Would anyone confirm following?

Will it:
- Output stereo SACD towards the analog stereo RCA connection?
- Output DSD-5.1 SACD downmixed towards the analog stereo RCA connection?

To be honest, I bought the BDP9700 because it -also- does SACD's, I really need it to be able to play all SACD's to my -regular- stereo RCA-connector amplifier...

Fingers crossed... Anyone?