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    Bad experience with 42PFL4007H/12

    Hi I've been having some bad experience with my TV and the support from Philips since I got it 3 days ago.

    Bought the TV on 29 March. Set it up on 31/3.
    TV seems to be working fine in general, except that Youtube videos can't load and just hangs there.
    Tried to register my TV on the Singapore site, but the Philips site is down for upgrading.
    Called the service centre and was told to try to reduce the display resolution setting instead of having it on HD. Shouldn't it be a basic requirement that the TV support downloading and play of HD clips? Was then told to try updating the software by myself if reducing the display resolution didnt work. Do note that the TV is brand new out of the box, there seems to be a bug, and I'm told to try troubleshooting by myself. Requested for a technician to come down to help get it fixed, but was told there would be a service charge.
    Would anyone from Philips care to comment if this is an acceptable customer experience?
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