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    Cool Iprovements for the IP EPG user interface

    Hi users,
    I would like to open this topic to summarize the ideas for possible improvements of the IP EPG. So please give your input what ideas you have to make IP EPG better in your opinion.

    Here are my ideas:
    1.) Only display the currently active channel list (e.g. favorites)
    2.) Improve the manual channel identification process (main idea: use the num key to specify the first letters and only display the channels that begin with the given letters instead of all channels - push the "down" button hundred and hundred times is not very user friendly.)
    3.) correct the date at the content pages according to the choosen language (in my case only at the main page the date is written in german format, while the date at the content page is written in english format)
    4.) remove the dutch "met" at the content page
    5.) try to give a visual indication at the main page when a tv show will start and how long it will be: have a look at the ProSienbenSat1 NetTV Service (germany) and be inspired
    6.) The german "Jetzt ansehen" at the content pages is longer than the english "Watch now" what causes a display error in combination with the runtime-bar at the upper right corner of the content page
    7.) correct the zoom-desaster:
    8.) correct the dynamic backligth error:

    (40pfl7605h/12 at 140.32)


    PS I'm happy to report that my IP-EPG will run again after have no acces over two months - see
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