I am at the Canakkale/Turkey.
In august 2011 I bought 40pfl8605 Philips television and 2 weeks ago I bought 2 numbers pta508 3D glasses for watch 3D films.But I can not watch 3D films.Because pta508 not related product my 40pfl8605 television due to my tv date of production is 2010.whereas in philips official site (http://download.p4c.philips.com/file...00_pss_aen.pdf) is announced that related product both 40pfl8605 and pta508. I emphasize the problem to philips turkey support .They told me "send your pta508 for change pta517".I send them but they told me "We can not change pta508 with pta517 due to there are not box of the pta508".I want to my problem to be solved because I bought pta508 relying on at the philips official site.But Philips Turkey support not solve my problem and not care about me.