as nobody from Philips announced that so far, I will "re-use" Rins' post from here to
start a new thread and maybe gather all open issues with this firmware.

Firmware Version 3.76

Release notes:
- Improvement on playback of 3D blu-ray disc ďAvengersĒ (Asia Pacific version only)
- Enhance Blu-ray disc playability
- Enhance SACD playability
- Enhance the performance of HDMI connection
- Enhance playback performance
- Various bug fix

Direct link to the firmware:
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In general Alex points out that also this firmware (3.76) includes an update of the MCU unit.
and that it could happen, that the update is not installed successfully.
Perform the following steps to check that:

- remove any disc
- press HOME
- press 8-5-2-0
- take a look at MCU: it should be 0x19 after the 3.76 update.

Please don't hesitate to report any issues. Useful are information about your setup,
disc information and steps how to reproduce a potential problem.