I have owned a 32" Philips TV since about 2005, so pleased am I with this product that I have recently purchased a 47PFL6007T/12.

I have the television connected up to an Onkyo Surround System to include a Sky box and a PS3. I have been noticing that the TV produces random thin black lines, some full width, some partial, horizontally across the screen, flashing for a split second at a time, just about a third of the way up the screen.

It is noticeable when sourcing the picture from either the Sky box or the PS3, watching in SD or HD. Thinking it may be an HDMI cable issue I have tried a replacement, but with no improvemet.

I have checked and I do have the current software loaded.

I also have the same problem when watching the picture standalone on the Smart TV setting ie; isolating the fault to the TV itself.

The lines are random, more pronounced during faster scene changes and worse with quicker changes. If I rewind the DVD or Sky box the lines may or may not appear again, but usually in a different scene so not replicating the interference that just occurred.

I have tried turning Natural Motion off, but still i get the lines.

I also see pulsing flashes occasionally in some scenes, usually with large bright area scenes.

Otherwise I like the TV, but currently I can't watch the set without seeing the interference and find it a disappointing experience.

I have reviewed a lot of other posts, but not seen this exact issue yet. Is the processor just not up to the job?

Me and a friend brought our identical models from the same shop on the same receipt, he had many start up issues with his and Philips offered to exchanged it, he took them up on this and upgraded to the next model whilst he was at it. He was very pleased with the service he got and is delighted with his new TV.

I wondering whether anyone knew of a fix for mine, or whether I contact Philips to return/exchange/upgrade it...

Anyone any thoughts?

Kind Regards