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    No sound with Nexus 10 tablet -> HDMI to Philips 55pfl5706/f7 TV

    Troubleshooting Philips TV 55-inch TV, model 55pfl5706/f7 [Costco USA, almost new] and Nexus 10 tablet, March 2013 edition.

    HDMI connection from tablet to TV works only for video signal, but not for audio. For example, I can play YouTube video from my tablet via HDMI on my Philips TV. I can see the YouTube video on my TV screen, but I do not hear the audio part of transmitted videoclip. TV is totally silent.

    Same problem occurs with other sources of audio signal sent from my Nexus 10 tablet via HDMI to my Philips TV, for example with MP3 player or tablet-related system sounds.

    I can see the screen of my tablet on TV screen [ - that means, video signal is transmitted via HDMI from Android tablet to Philips TV correctly] but audio signal from my tablet does not reach the TV.

    I tried to connect through all 4 HDMI ports of my TV, no improvement.

    I also tried to restart my Nexus 10 tablet with HDMI cable plugged in, it did not help either.

    I tried to connect the same Nexus 10 tablet with the same HDMI cable to another TV. Connectivity from my Nexus 10 a non-Philips TV via HDMI works fine; I have tested and verified that HDMI connectivity works well on Vizio and Toshiba TVs both for audio and for video, I was using the same HDMI cable as before. Therefore, HDMI cable does not seem to be the problem.

    I have also tested my 55-inch Philips TV with another Android device and HDMI. For example, Sony Xperia phone, connected with the same HDMI cable as before to the same Philips TV as before, works fine. My Philips TV received well both both audio and video signal from this smartphone via HDMI.

    Therefore, the logical conclusion would be that problem is somewhere in communication standards between my Nexus 10 Android tablet and my almost new 55-inch Philips TV.

    1. Is the HDMI standard of Nexus 10 different from the Philips TV standard?

    2. ...or not?

    3. ...or both?

    4. ...or neither?

    5. Can my Philips TV be fixed so that it plays both audio and video from my Nexus 10 tablet?

    6. ...or not?

    7. ...or both?

    8. ...or neither?

    I am totally puzzled. Please help.
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