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    Hi Willem,

    thanks for your tests. Honestly they did no really encourage me to update my players' firmware... Anyway I did it and was quite surprised that the results do not really match your findings.

    Here are my observations (after the update, no factory reset, HDMI Main and AVR cabling):
    1.) AVR and TV already running
    • BDP after update, watching a DVD
    • After DVD watching, loading a SACD (Pink Floyd "DSOTM")
    • AVR now says "SACD", surprise! No longer PCM - good so far
    • Switching TV off causes a short break in the playback - still bad, as Easy-Link is set to OFF

    2.) Next test, starting from "Zero", all devices are OFF
    • Switching AVR on
    • Switching BDP on
    • AVR, set input to BD (connected to BDPs HDMI AVR)
    • Loading SAVD (now Police), AVR says "SACD", still working, got DSD sound as expected
    • Frontpanel still not really usable
    • Switching TV on causes a break in the playback and a restart of the currently played track - still bad. Easy-Link is set to OFF

    3.) And now for Blu-Ray...
    • Switching AVR on
    • Switching BDP on
    • Switching TV on
    • Loading "The Hobbit", AVR, states "DTS-HD Master"
    • Loading "Leon", AVR, states "DTS-HD Hi-Res"
    • From the sound aspect, this looks okay to me
    • Picture format: I'm not sure if everything is correct here, as the player is set to 1080p/24Hz, but neither the AVR, nor the TV seems
      to confirm on this...

    So for now there was some improvement
    MCU here still set to 0x19.

    - Gerhard
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