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    Firmware update --> System unusable

    Last week the latest firmware release (D8.02S) was installed on my Streamium MCI8080 system. Since then, the system has become completely unusable.

    After playing one, or a few, songs from the HDD, the system no longer responds to any buttons (on the remote, the system itself, or through the MyRemote app). Only removing the mains plug helps. This is not acceptable since it happens every 5 or 10 minutes, when changing songs multiple times. Sometimes, an error message pops up ("command could not be finished" or something like that).

    Returning the system to the initial settings did not help.

    In the previous release, the system had to be restarted once in a while (once per day), which is already weird for a stereo system (my Squeezebox operates more than a year without restart, even when accepting multiple firmware upgrades). But now, the systems hangs within 10 minutes.

    Is there a possibility to downgrade to the previous, more or less working, release? Otherwise, the system will be returned to Philips since it is still in the warranty period.

    ** Update: **
    The problem appears to be related to playing FLAC files; MP3 files seem to be OK but as soon as 1 FLAC file is played the system is no longer responsive to any input. Apparently the ability to play FLAC is no longer supported by the new firmware release. Somehow showing the weather forecast was deemed more important than playing music...
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