]The Sales and service in INDIA is Pathetic, For all the People In India, If you reading this, PLease do Not Purchase any Philips Product the service that you receive after purchasing is Pathetic that a local Government officials may treat you well. Philips Promises you something else before the purchase but they do not follow the same once when you Purchase. I have Purchased a Product for 15,000 but I haven't used it for even a few days. I will NEVER EVER BUY A Philips product hence forth. Now I am buying a new Music system and a TV . I am well aware that the money that I spent is gone waste however will make sure I will publish this Experience in all possible ways around. I also emailed my query on the philips website but I just received a confirmation email but after that nothing,its been a week now.

In case you if any one is interested in knowing more about my experience you can mail me at christopher2532000@yahoo.co.uk.

Thanks and regards