I'm wondering whether to pursue a legal course of action using the Trades Descriptions Act 1968. Under the terms of the Act any descriptions of goods should be accurate and not misleading. If the description is false to a material degree, e.g. has a significant impact on a purchaser’s ability to enjoy and/or use the goods/services then an offence is committed under the Trade Descriptions Act.

Philips advertised the 40PFL9705H "Fully HD 3D Ready for a truly immersive 3D movie experience. Be enthralled by 3D movies in your own living room with the Full HD 3D ready TV. Active 3D uses the latest generation of fast switching displays for real life depth and realism in full 1080 x 1920 HD resolution". This description was certainly a factor in my purchase, and given that in reality the set is pretty much unwatchable in 3D mode then I feel I have been misled.