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    • Unable to enter the network frequency for DVB-C installation

    Having the system 46PFL9705H/12
    for one year on software version Q5551 -
    46PFL9705H/12 I now experience connection problems. Channels can be received in bad quality.
    After trying to reinstall all the channels I receive the message :wrong frequency installed.
    A solution for this problem should be Q5481_0. 26.33.9, a earlier version. What can I do ?

    What did I do:
    Set the system back to factory settings.
    Used other country settings (sewden)
    Checked for updates software.

    All for nothing, this seems to be a shortcoming in the PHILIPS software ? I read several systems had problems with this issue. Does anyone have the solution so I can set the network frequency ? THANK you in advance !!
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