Dear Philips Team,

I have bought a set of AW9000. They sound great. Wireless streaming works fine.

I have connected them to my TV through an optical digital cable.

When I turn on the loud speakers, they sound fine - tv sound is good.

Situation 1
When I turn off the tv and turn it back on. The sound dissapears. I then need to turn the AW9000 off and back on for the sound to return (I can leave the tv on, which suggests that the tv is providing the digital signal all the time).

Situation 2
If I am watching tv, but switch to streaming music (either from ipad, mac, or iphone) I cant go back to the sound from the tv. To get the tv sound back on I need to turn off the speakers and turn them back on. Again In this situation I have not touched the TV at any point, it has been providing the signal at all times.

This suggests that there is something going wrong at the speakers as if there is any kind of switching away from optical input it cannot switch back.

The firmware was updated as of yesterday and the TV is a samsung plasma screen.

Please let me know what to do.

Kind regards,