I have one of the original (1st gen) Aurea TVs by Philips. It failed a few weeks ago (screen went blank while sound and aurea still function) - fortunately its still covered for a couple more months under the shop extended warranty I bought with it. *phew*

Having it fail got me thinking though what I'm going to do on the day it eventually does die and its past the warranty... Sadly Philips have long since stopped importing TVs into Australia but I would have been willing to pay just about whatever it took to buy from overseas and import myself so that I could get the Aurea feature on a new TV. I've been checking out the whole range on the Philips website and doing some googling. From what I can see there were 3 generations of Aurea in the past and now Philips don't make them anymore - is that correct??

I adore the Aurea. Ambilight alone wouldn't seem as compelling to me Have Philips said anything about the future of this innovative TV feature?

Thanks, Ash.