Hello guys

Is there any way I can make my Philips TV play MKV-video which has a DTS audio-track as a default one?
I also would like to know how to make it switch different audio-tracks?
( I have 9-series TV)

I know that there's a way to transcode manually DTS to AC3 using your PC, which Philips can play afterwards. But it takes HUGE amount of time and effort.
I think it's the job of TV to be able to play these most popular video/audio formats.

If any of Philips staff is reading this post I'm BEGGING you to address it to higher managment.
This issue (inability of TV to play almost 90% of MKV-files because of default DTS audio-track in it, as well as inability to choose audio-tracks) — makes Philips TV almost useless as a part of smart-home media infrastructure.
This issue is also making its competitiveness very low.

All you need to do is just make a patch to the onboard video-player, and ship it via the software update.

Thanks you in advance