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    MCi8080 Freezing

    I have had an MCi8080 for just over a year now, and I am suddenly experiencing a problem with the unit freezing up / locking much the same way as other users to this forum report. The screen becomes very bright, and none of the buttons or the remote work. The only option is to unplug it.

    However, my issue is not due to FLAC files as described in one post, as all my music files are MP3s. It can happen at any time:
    > the machhine can be in standby mode other words idle
    > you can be in the middle of listening to a track and it just stops while playing
    > if can happen 5 minutes after it has been rebooted ....or several hours

    Here is the sequence of events that has lead to this (not sure whether they are relevant or not !)
    > the update was installed back in March when it became available. The machine seemed to work as normal after this.
    > over Easter we went away so I powered the machine right down for about 2 weeks. Again the system seemed to work as normal on my return.
    > On April 12th, I put new music onto the HDD. I have found the updating of the database VERY temperamental. To over come this, whenever I add new music, I sync the HDD with a folder on my PC using Syncback. I manage the files on the PC using Windows Media Player ...including the creation of playlists.As the folder on the PC does not contain the database built by the MCi8080, this is deleted whenever I sync, and so the MCi8080 has to build it again. I then allow it to update overnight, as it can take 8/9 hours. (I have over 26,000 tracks / 80 gb of music).

    The MCi8080 has always frozen / locked every once in while ....say once every other month about 6 times a year. I could cope with that. But now this happens daily / multiple times a day, and it is really unuseable!

    Interestingly, I have two NP3900 and one NP3700, and if they are connected to the MCi8080 when it freezes, they continue to interact with it. For example, as I write an NP3900 is playing track 88 of a 128 playlist on the MCi8080, which froze over an hour ago, and as long as I do not power down either unit, it will continue to play the music, and I can make selections from the HDD.

    Over the weekend I reset factory settings, re synced the database, allowed the unit to update overnight ...and I am still experiencing the problem.

    I am using a BT Homehub 3, and have been for the last 9 months.

    Anybody got any helpful ideas / suggestions?


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    Dear Neill,

    It is inherent to the product. I have the same device and the same issues. Despite everything I tried it remains unstablle. Unfortunatly Philips informed me two weeks ago that no software updates will be released. Basically you spend a few hundered bucks for a buggy product.

    If possible I would suggest to return your device.


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