I have a very furstrating issue. I had a cable tv with analog channels, everythin was fine, I used to change channel names and my tv automatically created chanel logo according to its name. Also there were option in the menu, in general tv settings: channel logos on/off.
Some days ago I bought a digital tv channel pack, got a CAM card, inserted it everything is working etc... now all my channels are digital in total 170 of them, and all names are automatically given. But now tv is not giving channel logos, and the menu option (channel logos on/off) is GONE, not that I can not maipulate it, but its actually NOT THERE. What could be the issue?
I live in one country (Lithuania), but in order to activate my CAM card, according to cable tv provider, I have to enter that the tv is installed in different country (Norway). Maybe that has something to do with it? Its wery strange.

Please help. TV: 47PFL6907k/12, latest firmware installed.

Thank You