I'm currently writing a plugin for MediaPortal to automatically Switch a Philips TV into 3D Mode if a 3D SBS or TAB movie is started.


I'm communicating with the Philips TVs via jointSpace and DeVine.

My own TV is a 55PFL7606K/02 which can be perfectly switched via jointSpace and the Menus into 3D mode.

Now I have the problem, that on a newer model (55PFL6007K/12) there is a special 3D key on the remote to Switch the TV into 3D mode.

The Problem is, that this menu can only be opened via the 3D key on the remote. There doesn't seem to be a way to do this via the menus somehow.

In jointSpace there is no way to send this key.

Is there a way via DiVine? What code do I have to send over DiVine for the 3D key?