Dear Sirs,
I ask for help for the following problem: playing the audio such as Dolby True HD and DTS HD is not available.
I own an amplifier A / V Marantz SR6004 with HDMI input version 1.3a and a "Sony Playstation" current model with HDMI output version 1.4.
When I play a suitable bluray disc with the PS3 and I connect the PS3 with HDMI high speed cable to the relative input of the Marantz, I can see on the display of the amplifier DTS HD audio codec without any problem.
But if I connect the Philips player exactly in the same way as above, I can not get the DTS HD encoding on the display of the Marantz; I can see only a flashing "PCM" symbol.
Using the control panel of the BDP8000 I have updated the software and tried to set audio and video in every way, but without success.
Marantz is always flashing with the word "PCM ".
Therefore I am asking: what kind of problem could be there, as with the PS3 everything works well, although my amp has HDMI inputs glli vers. 1.3?
Thanks in advance for your courtesy and attention, hoping that we can solve the problem.