HEllo guys! I have something to share with you!
TV is PFL7605, working good no rpbolems dlna and everything. Updated to new firmware recently, and its working good. Only thing I can complain about is slow performance when switching to NET TV, looks like processsor is really trying to keep up but not capable...

But the problem I will talk about is other...First of all I know what is the term dead pixels/stuck pixels/hot pixels and this is NOT the case!
What I noticed!

When the TV is black (its working but is showing black color, for example when you watch movie that is in cinema format on your 16:9 tv, you get black lines on top and bottom that fill the TV (so the picture's aspect ratio is proper and its not stretched.

SO I look at the screen from like few centimeters, and what I see is thousands of SMALL stripe-like "things" - they look like magic dust.
Color is mostly blue, and less green and red.
they are NOT dead pixels! THey are much smaller than the pixels themsef.
Its not possible to see them when you normaly watch TV.
For example, lets say we scale up the pixel size a little, for example 1 pixel is 10 mm (1cm) square, these "dust particles" take its area mostly horizontally and diagonally with a widht of 0.5 mm compared to that pixel)
They are much smaller than pixel size, and they are everywhere and only visible when screen is black and when you look closely from few centimeters.
This is not bad since TV is working perfectly, but I think it will be interesting to find out what is this and what is causing it.
PS: Of course its possible I am mistaken and all these are dead pixel but I think my perception is not wrong and this is not the case...
Good luck and I hope you investigate this and write in the thread!