Dear all,

maybe I'm blind or I cannot find the audio delay option in the main BDP configuration (in my case: BDP9600/12). When I play a DVD/BD/USB movie and press the option button, I got at the bottom of the list the settings for audio delay.

This option seems to be global since it has the same parameter on different DVDs and/or BDs.

So, when it is a global configuration it should be copied/moved to the BDP main configuration (audio settings).

I use a direct SPDIF connection between my BDP and my A/V receiver for audio, because a passthrough of Dolby Digital and DTS through the TV does NOT work (only 2.0 PCM sound is transmitted). But my A/V receiver does not have an option for audio delay - but the BDP has (which I found out today by accident)! An audio delay is necessary due to the massive picture enhancing operations done by the TV.

Does that option only exists not on the BDP9600/12 in the main configuration or are all BDPs affected?

Who has an actual Philips BDP and the option is only available by pressing the option bar during watching a BD or DVD?