3.80 is only released to BDP9700/12, /98 and /93.

v3.80 offers the following benefits:

Fixes the following issues:

  • Greenish picture observed at certain operations.
  • SACD DSD is outputted as 2CH PCM on HDMI2.
  • SACD hybrid disc hangs up intermittently.
  • Improved compatibility with AV receivers.
  • Red color menu overlaps Euronews page in SmartTV.

Kindly download the software at www.philips.com/support. This will reflect 1-2 days on the support website.


22-Feb 2013 Upgrade SW to 3.71.01
29-Mar 2013 Upgrade SW to 3.76
29-Apr 2013 Upgrade SW to 3.80