When searching for Freeview channels, one of the screens finds 126 channels.
When you display the channel grid on screen they are in the wrong positions and appear to have been stored starting with numerical channels, i.e. 301, 302, then in alphabetical order.
Where our BBC1 should be at location 1 and BBC HD at location 101 they are in random locations depending on what letter the name of the channel begins with

The other screen we installed only finds 48 channels, but these are stored in the correct locations.

We believe there may be a problem with the aerial distribution throughout the building, which is going to be checked.

Does anyone know if there is a setting somewhere in the menuís that enables or disables this storing in alphabetical order?
I couldnít find any obvious differences between the settings of the 2 screens, but if one stores the channels in the correct locations surely they both should.
The model number is 55HFL5007.
I know these are really Hotel TV's, but we needed 55 inch screens with a VGA input.
Professional mode is switched off so as far as I know they should behave as domestic TV's.