Hi All,

Recently, my 46PFL9705H (bought 2 year back) main processing board been replace (due to thunder strike/power surge) with spare by an authorize Philips services agent (Malaysia).

As the service agent had diagnose the failure by replacing the main processing board and the unit seem back to normal operation, and the services agent said the unit require set back to Philips workshop for "programming" or "update" -- that require about 3~4 business day to get the job done.

After about an week, the said services agent return the repair unit and help install the TV channel, I do discover the "NetTV" selection was not appear under the Setup Menu.

Could this due to the main processing board been replaced was not uploaded with the NetTV software module (and the "Help" selection under the Start Menu show only an Big Blue Question mark when I click on it) or necessary component was missing ?

Kindly please advice what could I self-help (like upgrade necessary firmware) to get the NetTV and Help selection appear on Start Menu. As I had tried to upgrade the firmware to Q5551-000_140_046_000.

Hope to hear any advice from members..


p/s: The replaced main processor come with firmware version :Q5551-000_140_027_000 -- while my previous loaded was Q5551-000_140_048_000 -- which appear to have issue when using NetTV -- as the NetTV became TOTALLY unusable , since I am not able to use the remote control to make ANY selection when get into NetTV application...