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    Purple picture HDMI / DVI BDP 9700

    Connected the BDP 9700 (lastest firmware) to my old Zanyo Z2 (1080i) with DVI and now I have purple picture. Sharp and flawless but all purple. composit works great.
    I before used a BDP9600 (hdmi) without any problems. And also tried with an old samsung DVD player (hdmi) with perfect picture. ( and a bdp8000)

    Inputs on the Z2 is:
    input2 DVI and I can only choose RGB
    input1: YpPbPr with 3 RCA connectors.

    The purple picture problem is what I understand a HDCP handshaking problem. YpPbPr vs RGB
    I do wonder why there was no problem with the 9600 or the 8000 series ?

    Is there any other settings in the BDP9700 that makes it send the same signal as BDP9600 ?
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