I never can connect to my M100 via 4G network using iPhone 4S (latest iOS 6.1.3 using AT&T) and latest In.Sight app version 2.2.6 and M100 firmware 6.5.

This means I cannot activate or deactivate my monitor if I'm on 4G network or otherwise configure alerts. Unfortunately, this is a severe problem that makes the monitor almost useless as a home security monitor system that it's advertised to be.


Whenever I try to connect on 4G, an error appears on the viewing screen (right after the login splash): "Playback interrupted, please wait or try again." This error message hangs indefinitely with the spinning loading indicator.

If I hit the upper left back button, the "My monitors" page shows my camera label and the three tiny greyed-out deactivated icons of motion, audio and camera, but NO preview image from the camera.

Once I hit the button right settings gear icon, the app almost immediately crashes, usually in around 1 to 5 seconds. If I restart the app, the identical problem happens every time.

Again, this problem keeps me from being able to use the monitor for its intended purpose. If I can't set it to send alerts remotely, then it's not doing the job I bought it for!

Any help is greatly appreciated otherwise, I may need to return the unit.


I'm connecting via P2P and not Relay. I've got a full-bars connection on my phone from an strong access urban area.

I've restarted my phone multiple times and removed all apps from the system tray. I've also tried the soft reset feature on the iPhone of holding down the power and home buttons to force a more thorough reboot. The problems above always occur as listed regardless.

I've had no local or remote WiFi network access problems. The In.Sight app never crashes and I can see the monitor video and can update alerts and everything else.

I found another user on this forum with a similar problem: http://www.supportforum.philips.com/...-does-not-work