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    Lightbulb development v. improvement: 2012-2013 TV's

    Hello Philips,

    I assume most of us have seen the official reply/story on HDNM from last december by now. It's a clear explanation about what brings about judder etc. and it also clearly states PHILIPS doesn't aknowledge any faulty behaviour of PHILIPS PNM/HDNM on 2012 models. However, that is still just PHILIPS' consideration about if the 2012 end products meet the design specification. What I fail to understand is if this is in line with PHILIPS thoughts are about what customers want.

    Before my current 46PFL8007 I have owned 42pfl9603 and 47PFL9703. Aside from a little ghosting, I never noticed much disturbing image processing problems whith those former ones. Taking those TV's as a base, I'm trying to understand what PHILIPS' considers to be image development/performance improvement. In other words, I wonder at which point the introduction of the motion issues in the compromise of overal performance has been accepted. This MUST have happened because I simply do NOT BELIEVE that developers of the new TV's have not seen them while watching/testing there newer creations.

    The leaflet of my 46PFL8007 boasts "800Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) for superb motion sharpness". However, my 6 year old 47PFL9703, though be it at only 100 HZ outperformes this TV on this point. What went wrong here PHILIPS? Or have clarity, sharpness, blacklevels, detail etc. simply become more important aspects in picture quality then motion over the years? In my opinion, and concluding from most posts on the 2012 TV forums being about it as well, the motion stability/sharpness still SHOULD have had a higher priority.

    Finally, PHILIPS, can you tell if motion handling has improved on 2013-models? Or are these TV's similar to 2012 models as far as image quality concerns?? Thanks for another clear statement/answer in advance!

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